Hello and welcome to my online platform!  I hope you find what you are looking for within the words :)

During my early 30s I served as a Personal Fitness Trainer, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy & Flow State (Neuroscience) Practitioner and because of the magnitude of my own personal mistakes & struggles in life, I reached a 'breaking point' and have since used my time here more wisely to pursue a better understanding as to WHY.

I was OVER IT... and sadly suicide became an optional thought.

Why were the same things happening to me over, and over and over again?!

And WHY did I constantly feel 'not good enough'?

I decided giving up wasn't an option and so through a super powered personal pursuit to understand my mind better, I began to rewrite the old story and gained a better understanding of how my own cognitive processes worked.  Why I felt the way I did, thought the things I thought, said the things I said and why I behaved so damned emotionally immature!

Through patience & perseverance, seeking, reading, listening, and learning, and through the power of neuro-plasticity -  the brain’s ability to modify, change, and adapt both structure and function throughout life and in response to experienceI was able to 'rewire' my brain and bring about an entirely new experience of living life in conscious awareness.   

By taking 100% responsibility for myself I also learnt how to control my autonomic nervous system, +positively impact my genes through epi-genetics, and implement the Flow State into my life, achieving more fluidity, creativity, passion, purpose, powerful energy and ease to navigate the river of life's inevitable highs and lows, waterfalls and eddies.

Life on this planet is quite the journey for US and I've proven to myself that it can actually be a beautiful, inspirational and exciting collective existence to BE a part of.  YES, It can get really bad sometimes... but pain doesn't need to, nor should it, remain in your body.  There IS a way through it.

It is NOT a good idea to push the pain down, run away from it, or mask it, otherwise it will never go away, and it will destroy you.

You may not know me, but I truly hope you see truth, and trust. 

When people come my way for help & guidance I take the time to listen and be present.  I really 'see' someone for who they are deep within.  Every individual is a unique, intricate human that is trying to do their best and everyone has an interesting often painful story of their own to tell.  

I help people discover in their own time, through their own style of learning, a better understanding of their mind, their ego and their pain-body, and through this self-help they achieve more clarity, mental strength, and dominion over their life.

No one experience is the same therefore a diverse toolbox is required and so through my personal pursuit of ancient wisdom, I bring to each experience tools & techniques that I personally used to perform & transform. 

The source I draw my information from comes through ancient ancestry, epi-genetics, human anatomy, biology,  neuroscience, spirituality, nature, quantum physics, astrology, sacred geometry, ancient schools of thought, religions, philosophy, psychology, music, art & hidden symbolism. 

Tools & information that may help you on your own journey toward more self-awareness, to discover what conscious self-awareness feels like and to realise how it can change EVERYTHING

It is your rite of passage to 'know thy self'.  To re-discover the knowing of what forces govern your existence and how you can work with this power source to facilitate permanent positive change in your life.  

If this sounds familiar and intriguing, 'something' in you is speaking. 

Are you listening? 

Keep seeking xx 

Rachel Sinclair Scott

Guide, Mother, Friend, Human - BEING.